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From Grand to Corrupt–Republican Shame

During Ulysses Grant’s scandalous presidency, a Republican senator from Iowa, James Grimes, called his own party “the most corrupt and debauched political party that ever existed.” The political events of 2018 could lead one to the same conclusion: The GOP, once the “Grand Old Party,” has become the “Party of Corrupters.” Five examples–with direct ties … Continue reading From Grand to Corrupt–Republican Shame

Campaigning with Taxpayers’ Help

Missouri taxpayers recently boosted Republican state Rep. Sara Walsh’s re-election campaign, paying $2,600 for a mass mailing on her behalf to more than 15,000 registered voters in her central Missouri district. On Thursday, Oct. 18, nineteen days before the general election, Walsh’s district directory–designed, printed and mailed at taxpayers’ expense–began arriving in her voters’ mailboxes. … Continue reading Campaigning with Taxpayers’ Help

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